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  • Video: Amanda

    Contributor: Amanda

    Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes; diagnosed at age 14

    Quote: “It’s great to see that there’s people here that I can relate to, and know that I’m not alone in this struggle that is diabetes. [Diabetes] doesn’t have to be who you are. “

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  • Video: Emily

    Contributor: Emily;

    Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “A lot of people sympathize with me when they hear that I have to inject myself with a huge needle every three days when I change my infusion site. I guess it’s easy for non-diabetics to sympathize with the physical pain, because that’s something they can understand or have experienced themselves, but what they can’t understand is the other kinds of pain that come with this disease: the loneliness of feeling like you’re the only one having to deal with it, the anger and self-pity that comes when you’re wondering, ‘Why me?’, and the frustration and disappointment when your A1C comes back too high.”

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  • Video: Joe Solowiejczyk

    Contributor: Joe; Children With Diabetes

    Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “For me, the most difficult thing to come to terms with has been dealing with feelings of anger, rage, and frustration. I used to think that if I had those feelings, I was doing something wrong. It took me a long time and a lot of work to come to the realization and understanding that feelings are just a guide, and not a sign of whether I’m doing well or not.”

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  • Video: Josh Bliel


    Contributor: Josh Bliel; community spokesperson for the Indianapolis Colts

    Connection: No known personal connection to diabetes; Iraq war veteran with double leg amputation.

    Quote: “It was a big realization for me that other people deal with things too, and it’s normal. It’s okay to feel angry.”

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  • Video: Steve

    Contributor: Steve Richert;

    Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “My biggest challenge has always been staying positive and keeping my mind focused on what I want and what I want to do, as opposed to what I’m afraid of and what I’m worried about. If I can climb a mountain and live with diabetes, you can pursue your passion [too]. Don’t let diabetes stop you.”

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  • Video: Mike

    Contributor: Mike;

    Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “It’s been tough sometimes – a lot times, especially as a teenager or in my early 20’s, that I just wanted to give up. I had a lot of burnout, and I wanted to be ‘normal’ – whatever that means – and I really wish I would have been able to find somebody to talk to, to realize that I was not alone. That there were other people out there going through the same things that I was going through and struggling with. I knew that there were others, but I could never really find them and I didn’t really want to talk about my diabetes.”

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  • Blog: Simon

    Contributor: Simon;

    Connection: Person with type 1/LADA diabetes

    Blog post:

    “This is how my ten days in hospital with life threatening infections and severe DKA played out. All but blind and with limited mobility, I came face to face not only with insulin dependent diabetes but the reality that those I had long counted friends had abandoned me. I was no ordinary person then and 18 months later I am still no ordinary person.

    Still enduring a string of medical appointments and physical pain from complications I am making a go of things. Working consecutive sixty hour weeks I’m sending out a signal to those “friends” who left me lying in ward. It’s a shout out to all of those who said I’d never make it back and it was all my fault…..I can do this and I am doing this.”

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  • Video: Alexis

    Contributor: Alexis;

    Connection: Parent of a child with type 1 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “Seeing him low or high just breaks my soul; my heart. But I’m at a point where I’m grateful: that I have insulin in the fridge, syringes, sites, cartridges, pump, a great endo, I have you guys… no, this isn’t the life that I would have chosen, but this is the hand we were dealt so I feel like I need to play it well.”

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  • Video: Sarah

    Contributor: Sarah; @SugabeticMe

    Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “One thing to remember about diabetes is that it can be stressful; it can be hard. Every day is a struggle. It is a battle to try and look normal, act normal, be like everybody else and still fall within the guidelines that are set for us to be so ‘perfect’, [by] the medical community. Looking back, I’m telling you – never let diabetes stop you from doing the things you want to do.”

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  • Video: Jess

    Contributor: Jess;

    Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “Whatever you’re feeling at any given time – it’s okay. It’s okay to be sad, angry, depressed, happy, furious… all of it’s okay. This disease is so emotional […] which is something people don’t really talk about.”

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