• Video: Ryan Reed


    In honor of his strong finish last weekend at the NASCAR Nationwide Series: Lilly Diabetes 250 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we wanted to share a message from driver of the No. 16 Ryan Reed. After his doctor’s hesitation about Ryan returning to racing at all after his type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Ryan is happy to be racing with the support of the American Diabetes Association and Lilly Diabetes.

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  • Video: Emilia

    Contributor: Emilia

    Connection: Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 18

    Quote: “The hardest thing for me is… people feel sorry for me because I have diabetes, and I don’t really like that because it makes me realize how sick I actually am. I feel like I can live with my diabetes, but I have a really hard time living with all of these ‘I’m so sorry for you’ comments.

    Remember that you are strong. You are brave. And you’re definitely not alone.”


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  • Video: Amanda

    Contributor: Amanda

    Connection: Adult with type 1 diabetes; diagnosed at age 14

    Quote: “It’s great to see that there’s people here that I can relate to, and know that I’m not alone in this struggle that is diabetes. [Diabetes] doesn’t have to be who you are. “

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  • Video: Haley

    Contributor: Haley (website and video no longer online)

    Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “The hardest part is the emotional pain. Other people don’t know how it feels to be different. People make comments all the time. I feel labeled as ‘the diabetic girl’. I just want to be Haley.”

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  • Video: Nicole

    Contributor: Nicole

    Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “Don’t feel like you have to [get involved] in stuff that is not your thing. I don’t want to get involved in exercise stuff; I want to do the [clinical] trials and research. [Don’t be afraid to] speak up.”

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  • Video: Melissa

    Contributor: Melissa; @MelllBe

    Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “I see my diabetes as a blessing now, and I’m glad I stopped ignoring it. I’m so happy [that] I’ve had the support of people online – I did not know there were so many type 1 diabetics everywhere. It’s amazing.”

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  • Video: Logan

    Contributor: Logan; 2012 ADA National Youth Advocate

    Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “When I was diagnosed, my family and I reached out into the community and talked to people who also had diabetes. Some of the best advice I can give is to get involved.”

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  • Video: Sarah

    Contributor: Sarah; insulinpensink.blogspot.com

    Connection: Teen with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “You’re not alone – if you’re here, you know that. Diabetes is one of those few diseases that you manage yourself, and it doesn’t seem as hard as it is. You have to remember that you live with it forever; you’re stuck with it, so you have to make the best of it. Just live your life like any normal person would. Don’t think that just because you have this chronic illness that you have to hold back – don’t let it stop you from doing anything you want to do.”

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  • Video: Moira

    Contributor: Moira McCarthy; despitediabetes.com

    Connection: Parent of a young adult with type 1 diabetes

    Quote: “I thought [her diagnosis] was the end of the world, but it’s 15 years later now, and we’ve been through everything.”

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  • Video: Michael


    Contributor: Michael

    Connection: Person with type 1 diabetes

    “Michael V. diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 6/30/97 shows what you can do with diabetes through his photos.”

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