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  • “We Can Do This”: Vol. 3

    This is the third episode of “We Can Do This” – a series of group videos where people with diabetes come together around a common topic and share their diagnosis stories, lessons learned, and advice for others. Launched in 2012, the first video showcased five people who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as adults, while the second featured three people who live with diabetes-related anxiety.

    Something that many people living with diabetes (of any type) face is the persistence of stereotypes and stigmas. You may have faced some of these inaccurate, and sometimes offensive, comments yourself – that people with diabetes “can’t eat candy”; that all you have to do is just take your medication and it all just works out; that type 1 only happens to kids (and they somehow magically will outgrow it); that type 2 diabetes is somehow “earned” due to obesity or laziness.

    The truth is that type 2 diabetes exists on a large spectrum, and there is still much to learn about why and how it occurs, and in whom. Not every person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes fits the stereotypes, and we’d like to introduce you to a few: Phyllisa, Rachel, Joe, and Sue.

    Find more videos from people living with type 2 diabetes by clicking here.

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  • Video: Yogi

    Contributor: Yogi; diabeticradio.com and 1happydiabetic.com

    Connection: Adult with type 2 diabetes

    Quote: “There’s not a moment where I’m not thinking about where my blood sugars are at. Despite the fact that it isn’t easy, it is doable.”

    [Editor's note: please remember that You Can Do This Project videos cannot be taken as medical advice.]

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  • Video: “Captain Glucose and Meterboy”

    Contributors: “Captain Glucose” (type 2) and “Meterboy” (type 1)

    Connection: Superheroes living with diabetes

    Standout Quote: “Controlling your diabetes is not always easy, and some days you have to fight a little harder. But it’s something that doesn’t have to tie you down.”

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  • Blog: Aynzan

    Contributor: Aynzan; http://aynzan.blogspot.com

    Connection: Newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

    Blog post: http://aynzan.blogspot.com/2012/03/where-theres-will-theres-way.html

    It took me some time  to come to terms regarding my newly detected health issue. After analysing and comprehending the magnitude of the whole problem, I have stepped up with a totally new confidence in me. Like a mantra, I constantly keep repeating that I don’t want the ‘diabetes’ to take control of my life. And that’s when I decided to take the initiative to make amends: for me and for the sake of my dear family.

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  • Video: Rachel

    Contributor: Rachel; www.talesofrachel.com

    Connection: Person with type 2 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “I was diagnosed six years ago, and while I have had stretches of excellent management – enough to think, “Hey, I have really beaten this diabetes thing to a pulp” – there have also been those stretches of questionable management where I feel beaten to a pulp by diabetes. Burnout is bound to happen when you live with a chronic condition long enough. A great life filled with awesomeness can still happen with the presence of type 2 diabetes, even if there are episodes of burnout.”

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  • Video: Doc P

    Contributor: Doc P; www.blackdiabeticinfo.com

    Connection: Person with type 2 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “Two months after being diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t have a home anymore. Tornadoes swept through my area [...] and wiped out my apartment. So there I am, two months into being a diabetic – still processing that, which meant I’m crying like every day – and I lose my home. [...] I say, if I can do it, you can do this too.”

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  • Video: “Simonpalooza” Diabetes Meet-Up (Kansas City)

    Contributors: A group of approximately 30 people with diabetes (and their loved ones) who met up in Kansas City, MO

    Connection: Persons with type 1, type 1.5 and type 2 diabetes (and those who love them) – that’s 293 combined years of living with diabetes!

    Standout Quotes: “I can do this, and you can, too.”

    “Simple message: You can do this.”

    “I am Simonpalooza, and you can do this.”

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  • Video: Brenda

    Contributor: Brenda; http://twitter.com/tmana

    Connection: Person with type 2 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at times. It’s normal to feel guilty because you let living life come before worrying about diabetes. It’s normal to feel guilty because you let your diabetes come before living life. And it’s normal to need help.”

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  • Video: Mike

    Contributor: Mike; www.mydiabeticheart.com

    Connection: Person with type 2 diabetes (and congestive heart failure)

    Standout Quote: “I look at so many people in this community who have lived with diabetes for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and I see and understand that I really can live with this disease. It really is possible to live a long time with this disease. [...] You encourage me to keep doing what I need to do, and that means a lot. It gives me hope.”

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  • Video: Sue


    Contributor: Sue; http://rfamhere.blogspot.com/

    Connection: Person with type 2 diabetes

    Standout Quote: “”There are a lot of days where… I just want to curl up into a ball and hide. There are more days like that than I’d like to admit. But on days like that [...] I look up the DOC – a lot of wonderful people there, and great support.”

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