“We Can Do This”, Vol. 6: Diabetes and Mental Health

The constant and unrelenting nature of diabetes management can affect one’s mental health in a number of ways, and even though we know the statistics (studies show that for people living with diabetes – type 1 or type 2 – the risk of depression doubles and the occurrence of anxiety disorders increases as well), the topic isn’t always a comfortable one to talk about. Sometimes we feel stigmatized, or wonder if any of our efforts at self-care are worth the trouble.

Today we’re publishing volume 6 of the “We Can Do This” video series which features five people with diabetes (one is also a health psychologist) sharing their personal stories of living with diabetes and managing their mental health. May is Mental Health Month, and our hope is that this discussion helps you feel less alone when it comes to balancing diabetes management and the cognitive burden that can come along with it. If you feel that  professional help would be beneficial but aren’t sure where to start, an endocrinologist or healthcare provider can refer you to a psychologist that specializes in health.

Meet Mark, Gabriella, Bob, Jacquie, and Martin:



We are also proud to be sharing, in the coming days, some personal accounts of how diabetes impacts mental health through guest posts. If you’d like to submit a post that shares your own story of how living with diabetes affects your mental health, please let us know. Your story could be the one that makes all the difference to someone else who is feeling alone.